Custom Zipper Cardigan

Custom Zipper Cardigan

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Do you have some sentimental sweaters that you dearly love and would never part with?  Would you like to have them fashioned in a way that allows you enjoy and honor these priceless pieces while they serve a function in your daily life?

Custom Zipper Cardigans are made to order with your special pieces.  All you have to do is purchase and ship your pieces to the address that will be sent to you after purchase.  Typically, this item requires one regular pullover sweater.  

If you have questions about sizing or materials,  just ask us!  These sweaters are normally oversized in fit, if you have a sweater that is smaller, but need it made into a larger sweater, message us the length and width of your sweater and what length and width you would prefer your cardigan.  Most of the time, we can make it work for you. 

If you need an xl+ size, just choose that size option, and email us your bust and hip measurements.  

Your sweater will be made into cardigans like the ones pictured.

Once purchased, you will receive instructions on where to send materials.

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