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Perfect long throw-over for any season!

There are two choices for the bottom of these dusters, heather grey or the navy/ivory that is pictured. Both bottoms are a 100% cotton knit. Heather grey is a great option for a more neutral look. Navy/ivory is obviously the overwhelmingly popular one. You can cut the bottoms to your desired length.

You will be choosing your size, the bottom knit color, and you can also choose flannel or denim for your top part (yes, denim is $10 more).

Machine wash and dry normally.

These typically fit largely because they are made from men’s flannels and denim.

There are two ways you can order your custom duster:

  1. You purchase, and within 24 hours, I send you about 3-5 flannel choices in your size range. If, of course, you hate all the available options, then I refund you immediately.

  2. You can purchase and mail me your own flannel. I will do the dyeing color wash on it if you want me to as well. Flannels that have this treatment must be 100% cotton. I cannot predict how they turn out. You can also send your own flannel and request no color treatment. If you want this option, you must message me after order, and I will instruct where to send.

Need a size larger than xl?  Just choose xl+ and email your largest measurement circumference in inches.

xs/s  size 2-4

s/m  size 6-8

m/l  size 10-12

l/xl  size  14-16

xl+ any size beyond

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Bottom Color:
Top Fabric:
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