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Wholesale Inquiries

Please email us at to set up a wholesale account. Be prepared to provide your business social media handle(s) for approval.

Request to be on our wholesale email list for occasional special deals.

Minimum orders are $500

no minimums after that.

Prices for wholesale orders are roughly keystone from the retail.

Each piece is made with a unique, usually hand-dyed textile.

Each wholesale order is carefully curated to ensure an excellent and complimentary range of color and textiles.

Wondering if this line would work in your store? We use all natural materials and high-grade modals. These pieces are meant to become better as they age. We cater to a clientele who appreciate high-quality pieces that will last forever and possibly turn into heirloom pieces.

We value making sure our stockists will successfully sell the line rather than pursuing wholesale accounts. We don’t do wholesale markets because we don’t have to. Wholesale accounts come through word-of-mouth and social media. Our people find us and remain deeply loyal. This is a line that you should know immediately if it will work in your store or not. If you’re not sure, then don’t order. We don’t do the “hard sell” here. If you can’t feel the difference between polyester and silk or cotton and acrylic sweaters then, once again, don’t order.